Fukushima and my health

Day 14.

I’ve been undergoing a cleanse for the last 12 days. Sugars, starches, gluten, dairy, alcohol – GONE. Let’s just say, it’s been, um, interesting.

Since day one I decided I would do an anti-candida diet. Why? Good question. Maybe because my wife did one a few years ago and I thought I could piggy-back off her experience. All I knew was that the awareness around my diet and nutrition was dissipating into the cupboards of chocolate and booze. Truth be told, I’m not that unhealthy. I exercise regularly, drink about 1-2 beers a night, have 2-4 slices of bread a day, and usually top out my evening with some good old SUGAR, sweet beautiful sugar.

So what does this have to do with Fukushima? Well surprisingly, I’ve noticed quite a few parallels since I began my cleanse. Here are just a few:

1) Fukushima happened years ago, yet is still affecting the health of the planet in ways we do not yet understand.

2) Everyone’s got an opinion.

3) It is nearly impossible to get reliable information.

For those of you with the time, interest, and enthusiasm, here are some links to either open your world a bit wider or lock you in the vault of despair. Some of these you may know right away. The more rational ones, I’ve noticed, seem to slip to the bottom of the pile.






Back to the candida cleanse – OK. So if I’m going to do this thing I just as well start informing myself. I’ve found books written by medical professionals, spent hours online studying countless websites, and spoken with numerous friends and acquaintances. The result? I still have no idea what I can and cannot eat.

Carrot juice is acceptable first thing in the morning – the fact that carrot juice tastes good should be warning enough.

Mushrooms are medicinal – mushrooms will kill you and your friends in your sleep.

Caffeine is ok – caffeine is a crutch, you are weak, WEAK!

A piece of fruit a day is perfectly fine – fruit is the red-headed step child of candida.

(For those of you with great advice about my diet, no matter how altruistic your intentions are, please respect that I…DON’T…CARE!)

The point of all this is, most of what we learn and rely on comes from sources outside of ourselves. If I am going to figure out what my body needs, I better start listening to it and stop relying on the internet to make my decisions for me.

Fukushima is a bit trickier. No doubt about it, this is a global catastrophe. Every news station, every mayor, every president in every country should be working on solving this problem. So why in the hell can’t the general public get accurate information? For now, that’s a rabbit hole I’m not prepared to go down today. Regardless, no matter how bad the situation is, there are still a few things we can do:

1) Gather as much information as we can from as many different sources as possible.

2) Analyze the information objectively.

3) Stay out of fear.

4) Make rational decisions based on the information we have gathered.

How many people do you know who are ready to move to South America or seal off the cracks in their homes with duct tape? Or better yet, how many people out there are clueless that this is even going on??

Though most of us do not have the time or the means to dedicate our lives to find out the answers, the least we can do is exercise the powers we do have. We have the power to:

1) Use the internet as a tool to spread awareness (without fear) for the purpose of bringing more people into alignment with possible solutions.

2) We can contact our local and state representatives and demand a transparent investigation. How is this situation affecting my local food and water sources?

3) Buy a Geiger counter and create your own outlet of information

4) It’s also not a bad idea to take preventative measures for your own health – seaweed/iodine, buckwheat, bentonite clay, zeolite supplements. Also, a break in Pacific seafood might be wise, though that is debatable.

I hope this perspective is helpful for people. I’m learning that our outer world is a reflection of what’s going on inside. If we want to see change we can agree with, we have to be willing to sacrifice the things that no longer serve us. We always have the potential to create heaven right here at home. But one thing is for certain – no one is going to do it for us.

Diet for World Peace

The world we inherit will reflect the people who dwell upon it.



I have always been a relatively optimistic person. When a challenge presents itself, I am able to see the hurdle for what it is and create appropriate solutions. In today’s world, however, there seem to be more hurdles than I can come to terms with. It is an incredible gift to be alive and living on this planet at this point in history. Never before have we seen the complexities of Gaia like we do now; the internet has shattered all excuses of ignorance – we are all in this shit together.


I am often overwhelmed by the problems we face. At times it seems like people don’t care. Facebook reveals that more individuals are concerned with Duck Dynasty than Fukushima. There is no doubt that a well orchestrated agenda is underway to keep us distracted from what is really important. But who is to blame? Governments and corporations are easy scapegoats. Yes, money rules, and those with the most of it make decisions that impact us all. If we are to truly awaken into awareness, then we cannot deny our role in this collective drama.


A couple years ago, my partner and I went to Africa to film a documentary called The Sustainability of Self. What is sustainability? Is it aid? Solar panels? Permaculture? All those things are great, but ultimately, it comes back to individual responsibility. How can I berate a system that plunders our planet’s resources when I still drive a car every day? How can I help indigenous tribes in the Amazon if I don’t even know my neighbor’s name? Sustainability is not about water harvesting or car pooling. It is a mindset. It is a philosophy that we live our lives by. The only way we can escape being a victim of this all consuming machine is to take back our own individual power.


For the next two months, I will be working on improving the only person I can…a physical cleanse is underway. The concept of addiction is fascinating to me. Who is really in control – us or our habits? If I am to be fully in my power then I cannot be ruled over by that which does not serve me. That means no sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods, along with a whole host of fun things now denied…let’s just say I’ve been putting this cleanse off for over a year. My body, like this planet, is a sacred thing, and I do not deserve what I do not honor. Real change comes from within and if I am going to see the planet I wish to live on, I better start acting like it.

Collective Creation

The power of collective creation never ceases to amaze me.


My wife and I moved to Ashland, Oregon a few months ago after traveling through Colombia for three months. My wife’s sister and her partner joined us from Seattle after quitting their job and starting a new life themselves. It seems everyone is in major stages of transition these days.

We stayed for a bit over a month in a sublet 20 miles outside of our eventual desired destination. We weren’t worried about finding a place to live because we always seem to have luck manifesting what it is we want. The four of us knew that we had to be specific with what we wanted…good location, spacious house, place for a dog, low rent, big yard, and a garden. Rallying our ideas together we set our intention.

But as the day of our move-out approached, luck seemed to be on vacation. To make matters worse, the owners of the sublet wrote to inform us that they would be coming home a week early. We queried every ad on craigslist. We submitted applications to half a dozen property management businesses. We even resorted to driving up and down the streets looking for houses for rent. But nothing was available and we were beginning to panic. We began to think that we weren’t supposed to live in Ashland after all.

With a week left to go, we realized we would need some help and so we sounded out the alarm. All of us told everyone we knew about our desire to find a place to live. Family, friends, even strangers. We even told them the specifics. We didn’t ask them to do anything in particular. We simply asked them that they hold an energetic intention for us.

What happened next was astounding. My wife and her sister went to their regular yoga class when they overheard a woman talking to a new friend of theirs about her problem: she couldn’t find anyone to rent her place – she would have to resort to handing it over to a property management – something we wanted to avoid if at all possible. Everyone was in the right place at the right time, and just believe me when I say that the synchronicities surrounding the event were uncanny.


Let’s just say we got what we asked for, only a bit to the extreme. Within ONE day, we were the new renters of a four bedroom house, with a large yard, garden, no pet deposit, FURNISHED!, half a block from the co-op, and neighbors with not one but TWO old friends from high school. Really??


This experience has taught me a lot. Yes the power of intention is essential to manifesting what it is you want. And yes, it is important to be specific with your desires. But never underestimate the collective power of energetic support. In a world that is so bogged-down with so many large problems, we must remind ourselves that these are problems we are facing together. We must learn to rely on each other and trust that whatever we put out, we get back. The more we support others, the more we ultimately support ourselves.


We really do have the potential to create heaven on earth. We face a great many challenges but through those challenges we experience the rewards of our own evolution – let no one convince you otherwise. The frequency that the media is broadcasting is not the REAL reality. The real reality is something we can’t even comprehend. We are powerful beings each capable of co-creating a planet that reflects back to us our own potential. Let us end the fear game. Trust that the people around you also want the same thing…to be happy! Let us create this happiness together.

The Sustainability of Self

What defines true sustainability? How can we begin to create sustainability in a world that has such vastly differing views on the subject? If we perceive our external world as “unsustainable” what does this suggest about our own internal landscape? The Sustainability of Self is a documentary that follows two travelers for two years across the world to Ethiopia, and back, seeking insight into a world on the verge of transformation.

A community of change

How we do this is how we do everything.

Our life is made up of individual acts and decisions that have created our current present reality. In order to create positive change on this planet we must first evaluate our own motivations and why we do the things we do.

Many people right now are undergoing a major awakening. Suddenly, everything is moving so fast. What has been hidden for so long is finally becoming revealed. We are realizing (not only that, we are understanding) that certain financial establishments, powerful corporations, and both political and religious institutions have been both destroying the planet and profiting from our own ignorance.

The old paradigm reaction is one of anger and blame. “How dare they do this to us!” Yet the new paradigm is asking for a higher level of awareness. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into victimhood. It is a program that only feeds our current problems. We are living during a magnificent time, an epoch where we have the capacity to become fully empowered and take responsibility for our own actions. Self-responsibility has tremendous payoff when we are willing to accept our own role as co-creator.

Truly, we are on the verge of ecocide. Our planet is being over-fished, over-logged, our top soil is being depleted, this list goes on and on. Yes, some people are more responsible for this devastation than others. But ultimately, when the final tree is cut down, who cares who’s fault it was?  We need to start asking ourselves, “What kind of world do I want to live in?” and “What am I doing to create this?” Our individual creations have a tremendous impact. Our thoughts and our ideas ripple out into a broader community where they transform and evolve. No question about it, we are in this together.

Currently in Southern Oregon, where I’m living, communities are popping up all over the place. People from all over the country are pouring out of larger cities in the pursuit of a more simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Community has become a buzz word. People tend to think that if they live “off-grid” with twenty other people away from the matrix, life will be easier. Far from it. Living on the land is hard enough. But living with each other, now that’s a challenge. I’ve been living in community for over a year now and the social dynamics of living together in close proximity has been my greatest lesson.

If my external world is a representation of my inner terrain then I have no one else to blame but myself when something bothers me. We are all existing as divine mirrors for one another. We tend to externalize our own behaviors and project our issues onto other people.

Life in community is a microcosm of this global community we are living in. If day after day the plants aren’t getting watered because someone hasn’t been doing their job,  it is the responsibility of the individual and the community to address the problem from a place of compassion. Creating an argument or blaming only reflects our own issues of not fulfilling our duties to our community. Before we can change these immense problems that we face in this world, we have to learn to truly work together, and the quickest way to work well with other people, is if we know how to work well with ourselves, and taking responsibility for our own behaviors.

As a community of co-creators, we are each taking on the role of being leaders and teachers for our fellow community members. Our daily decisions have the power to influence hundreds of people, all the more reason to be conscious of each moment in our day. I understand that this is easier said than done. Today’s world is engulfed in tantalizing distractions. It is easy to get swept up into someone else’s drama or find ourselves lost in the electronic void of the 21st century. But ultimately, it comes down to this: how are you directing your consciousness? Our bodies are consciousness generators. Our thoughts create universes unto themselves.

So what are you thinking about?

It’s time we start focusing on the solution. And we can exemplify this process through our day-to-day actions. We must return to our hearts. We must align ourselves with motivations of the highest caliber, because without question, that’s exactly what this planet needs right now. The beautiful thing about aligning with our highest purpose is that endless possibilities begin to unfold. By following our passions through the most mundane of tasks we create new ways of being and new avenues of perception take place. Envision yourself living in a global community full of innovative, caring, and responsible people. Trust that you too have something to offer.

Navigating the Inner Map

These days, it is crucial to know where we are coming from. Over the last few weeks, I have spoken with people from all over the world who are being confronted with major challenges in their personal lives. Do not underestimate this period of collective cleansing. Many people are referring to this time in history as the Great Unveiling. All we have to do is turn on the news, get online, or simply talk with our peers and we are inundated with news of corruption, scandals, and out and out crimes against humanity. Indeed, we are alive during a momentous period. Consider yourself blessed to usher in this new age – to take part in this renewal of self-sovereignty.

But this unveiling comes at a cost, and for some it is the most terrifying thing imaginable: the true knowledge of self. We are learning through this process, that we are incredibly powerful beings. Scientists are beginning to uncover what spiritual masters have known for millenia, that thought creates reality, that all is connected, that consciousness permeates every cell within our being, every atom within every stone.

More and more people are waking up. And they are emerging from the most unlikely of places. People who you would never suspect to collect their senses are beginning to see that there is more to this great mystery than what mass-produced society proposes on the nightly news. It is only in the face of great challenge that we are forced to rise to the occasion – make no mistake about it, we are on the verge of a collective evolution, a leap in human consciousness.

And human consciousness is coming to a great understanding, that all that exists before us is a physical representation of what lies within. But take a look around and we see that our planet is in a state of turmoil. What is this if not a wake up call, that we creators have been asleep and in our sleeping state have confronted our nightmares. But there are no victims here. We have the power to rouse ourselves from our sleep and take control of our lives. No longer can we blame anything external. If we truly want to heal this planet, we must learn to heal ourselves.

Many of us are being challenged to heal the traumas of the past that arise unconsciously in the present. I don’t know about you, but my personal shit is coming up in a variety of ways, be it physical illness, conflict in relationships, or out and out rage. Consider the analogy that we are a computer with programs constantly running, 90% of which are doing so without our knowing. Many of these programs were created in early childhood. When a trauma is formed we create a cocoon of security. We protect our true nature from further damage and in the process we create a false core identity. We protect the false core identity with mantras and affirmations like “I’m not unlikable, I’m attractive, I’m smart,” only perpetuating the false core identity further.

The reality is, we still contain the innocence of our truest nature. It is still alive within us. At times, we rediscover this childhood connection – it occurs in the wildness of nature or in the appreciation of beauty and art in the company of good friends. . .  and in the solitude of our inner silence.

Our highest self speaks through us when we are in connection with our divine purpose. Don’t forget, we came here for a reason.

Feel at peace that you are not alone in this processing. If you find yourself struggling with your own inner demons, rejoice that you are meeting the challenge head on. Forgiveness is a POWERFUL tool. Forgive those who have wronged you, let go! Most importantly, forgive yourself. The attitudes of retribution, guilt, or feigned ignorance only perpetuate the problems further. Call in your highest self and ask for guidance. You alone have the answers. Everything else is merely anecdotal.

As we change our inner landscape the outer too will transform. Coincidences and synchronicities will be the norm. At times it is daunting, the work that must be done. But the payoffs are immense. We are a uniting collective, shirking off the weights of the past and false beliefs of unworthiness. Most importantly, share your progress with others, for it is in this act that enables our co-creators to gather courage for their own inner terrain. 

The truth behind America’s involvement in Libya

It will not come as a surprise to most of you, that the American media is blatantly biassed. Mainstream media is a disinformation machine. Sadly, this machine has cost the lives of thousands of people.

It is not commonly known by most Americans however that the real reason we went to Libya was not to “liberate” its citizens but rather because Muammar Gaddafi was in the process of changing his nations currency to GOLD. Taking a look on the American dollar bill, we no longer have money supported by gold but rather we carry “legal tender.” The parallels between Libya and Iraq are staggering.

I implore you to watch this video and share it with everyone you can. Critical mass is coming, but we must take action of our own to ensure a global network of intelligent, peaceful, enlightened individuals.

Calling Purpose

In my own life I’ve been feeling the pull to do whatever it is that I do. For many people in the younger generation, myself included, we are no longer defined by a single idea, field of study, or job description. We are not bound by the dogmas of one political party or religious institution. We of the younger generation are a conglomerate of world ambassadors living in the Age of Information. Yet this vague identity is often very confusing both for us and for former generations. From their perspective we are the generation reaping the benefits from their labor and dogma.

From our perspective, their labor and dogma got us into this mess in the first place.

Many young people today are wondering where their place is. Not because they aren’t necessarily qualified or talented, but because this place is terminally ill. We don’t sense it – we know it. Something is seriously wrong with society. A 24/7 sermon from preachers, politicians, and pundits keep the masses on track. But this culmination of greed and ignorance is coming to a head.

We did not come all this way just to hang out.

In the midst of the madness, an amnesiac society, a teetering ecology and economy, one can’t help but wonder if this is really why we came all the way to planet earth. There are times at night when I wonder what the hell I’m doing here, alive in this body. Sometimes when I wake up I feel that I should have woken up hours ago, before it’s even light. I feel the need to do something, anything. There is a need to believe that my creation has a place and a purpose.

Yet that is the reason we are here!

 We are here to change the very definition of what it means to be human. We are not consumers. We are not republican or democrat, Christian or Hindu. Those are merely identity codes in this matrix of reality-belief.

Reality is a program and we are the programers

We all want to be accepted. As individual parts of a much MUCH greater whole, our contribution can appear to be miniscule at best.

“Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.” Gandhi

The fact that life even exists in the first place, in this moment, is a miracle.

The best way to accelerate this miracle is get outside. If you ever need  something to tell you what to do, just look to nature – it’s doing it all the time. In these days of heavy external programing from outside sources like public school, religion, media, or grandparents,  the surest way to reboot is to go for a good long hike.

“Successful navigation of this most perilous time in human history requires psychologically and spiritually mature men and women who can engender a mature human species. For nature-based people, initiated adulthood is developed in intimate relationship with the earth, the larger organism who births and sustains us. For contemporary people whose culture discounts or even disdains an intimate relationship  with nature and soul, reaching psychological and spiritual maturity is challenging but possible, and never more necessary than now.”

-Bill Plotkin  Soulcraft

There is a divine creativity that nature expresses in the essence of Her being and she is a very willing teacher. There has never been a more crucial time for the emergence of creativity on large scale. Find the seat of your soul underneath a tree – meditate, breathe; call in your highest self and request guidance. Surrender.

We are the new leaders in this Great Shift. We came to participate, to co-create and to inspire. For all of us, there are times when we doubt our own divinity, or we worry the value of our seemingly small contributions. This is ok. This is part of the journey. Trust that the place where Spirit most needs you is where your greatest passions flourish. Celebrate in the infinite potential that your soul harbors. Be creative and don’t worry what comes – for our ripples travel vast distances, arriving in great waves along wide shores. We must believe that our value cannot be defined, for it is in that belief where our truest power and greatest contribution lies.

Returning to Center

We can change the world with a thought. We can map the planet with a perception. Now, at this moment, we are living at a time when the wisdom of the past and the gifts of the future are uniting into a beautiful opportunity.

Among it all is great challenge. We are being pushed to see past the catastrophy of unbridled greed and its effects on the planet and its people. Now, more than ever, we are being called upon by our highest selves, to connect with our truest nature, and fully own the very reasons why we came to this planet in the first place.

Feel blessed that the opportunity to step into our power has never been greater. All around us are the resources to truly know our greatest potential. Everywhere we look we may see that life is fast emerging out of the fire that engulfs our planet. It is time to envision the world we wish to inhabit. We can do this at the smallest levels. NEVER underestimate the power of thought. The alignment of thought with intention can do miraculous things. Science now proves that we change our very DNA – with our emotion!

The smallest strands of life that make up the physical essence of our being, obey our every wish and desire.

So what is it that we wish and desire? The capacity to change the world exists within our hearts and minds. No longer are we the victims of our fate but the weavers of our life-craft.

Please visit this blog often, as well as our website: http://www.themapmakers.org. Watch our videos. Share your thoughts with us. Sign up for our newsletter. This is a small piece of a much larger movement. Together we are powerful. Let us unite, discover our gifts, share our inspirations, and change the make-up of our being.

Further research and soul candy can be found here: http://www.in5d.com/spontaneous-evolution-has-arrived.html