You’re not going to believe this.

New E-book cover raw 1600X2400I wrote a book and now you can read it. I’m really excited for a lot of reasons. This is my first go at a full-length humor novel and it’s better than I could have ever expected. Though it was written pre-2016 election meltdown and the subsequent political nuclear fall-out, the themes in this book are as timely and hard-hitting as ever – it’s controversial and challenges the status quo of American culture; it’s a book about freedom. This book is for anyone who A) enjoys hilarious fiction B) is baffled by our current political and cultural paradigm, C) loves a good romp in the fields of satire, and D) seeks to combat our crazy world with humor, refreshing perspectives, and ween themselves away from the fear-based worldview that no longer serves our existence on planet Earth.
#newrelease #satire #writing #politics #iauthor #humor #comedy #read #write #learn

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