You’re not going to believe this.

New E-book cover raw 1600X2400I wrote a book and now you can read it. I’m really excited for a lot of reasons. This is my first go at a full-length humor novel and it’s better than I could have ever expected. Though it was written pre-2016 election meltdown and the subsequent political nuclear fall-out, the themes in this book are as timely and hard-hitting as ever – it’s controversial and challenges the status quo of American culture; it’s a book about freedom. This book is for anyone who A) enjoys hilarious fiction B) is baffled by our current political and cultural paradigm, C) loves a good romp in the fields of satire, and D) seeks to combat our crazy world with humor, refreshing perspectives, and ween themselves away from the fear-based worldview that no longer serves our existence on planet Earth.
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We took a bus out to playa Belandra just

We took a bus out to playa Belandra just beyond La Paz. Overtaken by beauty, we missed the last bus home. Waiting on the side of the road we got picked up by two Mexicans from the mainland, a young and friendly couple destined for adventures north in Oakland where they would finish their training to become trapeze artists. #freshperspectives #baja #mexico #travel #belandra #sealife