Returning to Center

We can change the world with a thought. We can map the planet with a perception. Now, at this moment, we are living at a time when the wisdom of the past and the gifts of the future are uniting into a beautiful opportunity.

Among it all is great challenge. We are being pushed to see past the catastrophy of unbridled greed and its effects on the planet and its people. Now, more than ever, we are being called upon by our highest selves, to connect with our truest nature, and fully own the very reasons why we came to this planet in the first place.

Feel blessed that the opportunity to step into our power has never been greater. All around us are the resources to truly know our greatest potential. Everywhere we look we may see that life is fast emerging out of the fire that engulfs our planet. It is time to envision the world we wish to inhabit. We can do this at the smallest levels. NEVER underestimate the power of thought. The alignment of thought with intention can do miraculous things. Science now proves that we change our very DNA – with our emotion!

The smallest strands of life that make up the physical essence of our being, obey our every wish and desire.

So what is it that we wish and desire? The capacity to change the world exists within our hearts and minds. No longer are we the victims of our fate but the weavers of our life-craft.

Please visit this blog often, as well as our website: Watch our videos. Share your thoughts with us. Sign up for our newsletter. This is a small piece of a much larger movement. Together we are powerful. Let us unite, discover our gifts, share our inspirations, and change the make-up of our being.

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