Will I still be able to go clubbing after 2012?

So like everyone I know is talking about this mayan calendar thing and how the whole world is gonna collapse or something on 2012. At first I didn’t believe it, but then after doing some research on the internet, like, OMG!!

The way I figure it, if society is doomed to collapse, then all me and my friends gotta do is hold out until the shit has come off the fan. But then my friend Kenny was like, “Stupid, the apocalypse is forever, man!”

That really got me thinking. Will there even be food during the apocalypse or will everyone have to grow their own food, and how the hell do you even GROW cereal?

So I started writing down everything that came into my head, ideas and preparations for the time to come….let me know if i missed anything.


-It will be harder to find friends on facebook after 2012

-There could be massive unemployment because everyone is trying to grow cereal and they won’t have enough time to go to work because they will be too tired from all their sustainable living.

-cars will be replaced with horses.

-it will be harder and more expensive for the average person to rent barns for their horses.

-In the case of total economic collapse, there could be strikes. NFL and MLB teams refusing to play could lead to major suicides in Chicago.

-people who are not ready to enter into the 4th dimension may very well get trapped in the 2nd dimension.

-pole reversal could put a permanent end to American Idol.

-California will be totally fucked.

-So will Paris Hilton.

-Solar flares will wipe out the power grid, which will wipe out the internet, which will make everyone stupid again.

-Stupid people get angry fast.

-Statistics say that dumb people have way more babies than not so dumb people.

-Population explosion!

-Too many people + no electrical grid=boredom=more sex=more people

-Population explosion times 10 million

-scientists won’t know what to do with all the new people and they will give up being scientists.

-life will become more confusing because scientists won’t be around to tell us how the world works.


-When Jesus comes back, he’s probably gonna be pretty disappointed in a lot of people.

-Life goes on.

Ufos spotted in Washington – when energy creates reality

Trout Lake, Washington has the most UFO sightings in the country —roughly around 3,000 a year.


A new reality is smacking us in the face.

After a three day trip to Trout Lake, WA, which encompassed more than a dozen first-hand UFO sightings as well as a tangible introduction to the “Orb Phenomenon“,  I am once again in a state of questioning everything I once knew to be real…

Since my visit away from assumed normality, I have been bombarded wtih synchronicities, radical insights, glimpses into the multi-verse as well as a new understanding about myself as a multi-dimensional being. Newness abounds and the clutches of a once fear-attatched reality becomes ever-looser.

Energy is everywhere and everyday we are understanding more how our own energy affects that which is around us.

The shaman’s science is creeping ever-closer in conjunction with modern day quantum physics. Spirits and light-beings pass through the fourth dimension like electrons in two places simultaneously – eager for the subjective observer with camera  – clear mind and intent.

Deep meditation reveals collective secrets withheld for millenia and web bot predictions laugh in relation.

We are in this karma clearing phase which is good news for those of us on Humanity’s bandwagon, bad for those who deny co-creation. The Creator Gods are beginning to wake up and life is about to take on a whole new meaning.

We are undergoing a massive healing transition, one that is undeniable, unavoidable, –

Everything about us, our very concept of who we are and why we are here is being challenged. We go deep, deep into the seat of the soul and sit in the silence of who we REALLY are and consciously choose how we will, from this moment on, create anything we can possibly imagine.

We choose not enslavement but empowerment – sovereignty from system, communion with community, delight in divinity. This new reality is rapidly RAPIDLY emerging.